What is Jamscout?

Scouts MSC’s first Jamboree!

Jamscout Ā will be the first ever national Jamboree hosted by Scouts MSC, the Catholic Scout Movement in Spain. Thousands of Scouts of all different units and ages will be attendingĀ in the event in Covaleda, Soria, from the 22nd- 30th July 2017.

What makes us grow

This is the slogan chosen for the Jamboree and refers to the great richness that will be shared by the diversity of the 400 groups and 29,000 members of Scouts MSC, each one with their own history and values, but all with the same common aim of ‘Creating a Better World in the light of the Evangelical’.

A camp for everyone

Any unitĀ from a WOSM affiliated Scout group isĀ invited, from the youngest to the oldest. From Beavers through to Explorers, there will be sub camps and specifically adapted thought-through activities to help us enjoy this awesome camp.

Remembering the first Scout camp.

Jamscout will be based around the first ever Scout camp, which took place on Brownsea Island in 1907. Adapting the activities that theĀ children did with Baden Powell, to suit the modern day Scout, the Scouts will live an adventure, will carry out service activities, will learn about different realities that make-up our movement and put to the test their manual skills.

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