International Scouts

You have decided you want to experience your next international adventure?

In this Jamscout, we have 500 places reserved for Scouts who want to join this epic camp, from all corners of Europe…..and the world!

If you want to find out how to register, read the following steps:


1. Decide when you want to register.

1st Period. From the 1st October 2016 until the 15th January 2017

2nd Period. From the 16th January until the 28th February 2017

3rd Period. From the 1st March 2017 until the 1st April 2017

The sooner the better! These will be the fees and ways in which you can pay depending on when you registered.

1st Period. 80% of the total fee: 192 €

1st Payment of 90€ before the 15th January
2nd Payment of 60€ before the 28th February
3rd Payment of 42€ before the 1st April

2nd Period. 90% of the total fee: 216 €

1st Payment of 150€ before the 28th February
2nd Payment of 66€ before the 1st April

3rd Period. 100% of the fee: 240 €

One payment of 240€ before the 1st April


2. Register using this form


3. Remember, if you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at: