Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ – Volunteers

The following document contains a series of questions that we have been asked from different individuals through our information channels, as well as some questions that we consider vital that everyone understands.

All the following questions refer to general IST questions for Jamscout, which, to date, is as much information as we currently have to offer on each of the following topics. Many other questions do not appear here, either because we have not received any query on the matter, or because advanced work is still required from the relevant committee, we apologise for not having more relevant questions on other aspects.

VERSION 2. Updated 4 January 2017.      


-Who can be a volunteer at Jamscout?

All volunteers, be that Scouts MSC or a Scout association in another country, can sign up and choose to offer their service at Jamscout. The conditions to participate as a volunteer are that the individual must be at least 21 years old and be a registered member of Scouts MSC or a WOSM affiliated Scout group in another country.


-How much does it cost and what does the fee that a volunteer pays include?

The registration fee for volunteers starts from 120€, depending on the period in which they sign up:

First period: from the 1st of October 2016 – 8th February 2017. Total cost – 96€

First payment: 48€ before the 28th of February

Second payment: 48€ before the 1st of April

Second period: from the 1st of March 2017 to the 1st of April 2017. Total to pay – 120€

Single payment of 120€ before the 1st of April

This price includes insurance for the days that you are with us, day-to-day keep as well as a series of necessary materials to carry out your tasks (staff t-shirt, accreditation…)


-What expenses are left to be paid by the Jamscout volunteer?

All travel to and from the pre-determined collection locations within Spain must be paid for by the volunteer. Furthermore transport to and from the campsite once within Spain, is not included in the participants fee if travelling outside of the pre-determined travel dates.


-What conditions must be met so that I can receive the reduced price set out for volunteers?

The previously mentioned conditions are as follows:

-be at least 21 years old on 15th of July 2017

-be a member of a WOSM organisation from another country

-be able to carry out at least 4 days of voluntary service during Jamscout

-be able to speak conversational English and/or Spanish

We would like to emphasise that the reduced price of 50% of the total registration fee for those people who want to be volunteers, can only be applied if 4 continuous days of volunteer service are carried out. If any volunteer should not comply with this condition, the individual will not be able to participate as a volunteer at the event.


-What kind of volunteers will be needed for the preparation and execution of Jamscout?

With regards to local organisation:

-national volunteers

-international volunteers or members of the International Service Team, also known as IST.

In reference to the time dedicated to the preparation for Jamscout:

  • Short-term volunteers – will help during the second half of July 2017
  • Long-term volunteers- will help in different sections from one year or six months before Jamscout.



-When does the registration for Jamscout volunteers open?

-Registration has already begun! Find out what you have to do to sign up for our section for international volunteers!


-What dates will volunteers be needed at Jamscout?

The event can be divided up into three areas in which we will need volunteers;

Pre-Jamscout: 17-22 July 2017.

Jamscout (the camp): 22-30 July 2017.

Post-Jamscout: 30 July-1 August 2017


-Will volunteers be able to choose the type of service that they want to provide during Jamscout?

Yes. During the registration process, each applicant will fill in information about their preferred interests with regards to the duties they would like to undertake at Jamscout, along with their skills and relevant work experience.

With this information, among other things, the most relevant tasks will be attributed to each person. However, the organisers cannot guarantee that everyone will be enlisted in the work areas that they first chose during registration.


What types of services will the volunteers carry out over the course of Jamscout?

Some areas where the organisation needs volunteers are:







-International group helpers


You can find more information about each post in the following document.





Translation: Carl Eadie