Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ – Registration

The following document contains a series of questions that we have been asked from different individuals through our information channels, as well as some questions that we consider vital that everyone understands.

All the following questions refer to general questions we have been asked, and are as up to date, with as much information as we currently have to offer on each of the following topics. Many other questions do not appear here, either because we have not received any query on the matter, or because advanced work is still required from the relevant committee, we apologise for not having more relevant questions on other aspects.

VERSION 2. Updated 30th November 2016

How do I sign up for Jamscout?

Depending on the time period in which you register, there are possibilities:

  • 1st Period.From then 1st October 2016 – 15th January 2017
  • 2nd Period.From the  16th January 2017 – 28th February 2017
  • 3rd Period. From the 1st March 2017 – 1st April 2017


If you need to add more people, you can continue to do so until the 1st April, paying the time period of payment in which you comply with and taking into account that the last payment will be nominal (naming the participants).


What is Jamscout’s cancellation policy?

The deposit and other monies paid to the organisation are non-returnable, even if the person doesn’t attend the camp. However, their place can be given to someone else as long as they belong to the same age group and the participants name has yet to be given to MSC.


-If someone registers in the first payment period, and before the second payment, confirms they are no longer able to attend, do they have to continue paying for this person?

In the case that there are still places available, the group should advise the organisation of the situation and it won’t be necessary to continue paying for this person.


  • Can groups add more people throughout the three registration periods, or can they only do one registration?

Although it is more economic to register people before the 15th January, it maybe that you need to add more people later on. Therefore, the answer is YES, you can continue to add people to your group through the three registration periods if you so wish.


What is included in the price?

The sign-up to Jamscout includes the insurance for each of the days on site, day-to-day keep via catering and return transport to Covaleda, as well as a participant’s kit. The price also covers all necessary materials to carry out activities during the camp.


-What meals are included in the Price?

Meals will be provided every day starting with dinner on the 22nd until Lunch on the 30th (inclusive). On the last day, picnic lunches will be provided for each group to take with them for the journey home. Any food outside of this period will be the responsibility of each group.


-How will the transport be organised?

Transport to/from Madrid to the campsite is included in the price of each participant. Buses will be organised so as they leave full. If your group doesn’t fill a bus, you will have to share it with other people arriving the same time as you, or, alternatively the bus may make a small diversion to pick up other groups en route.


What documentation will be necessary?

Soon, we will send a document to groups with information about the campsite, the address, contact pone numbers, medical declarations authorisations etc.

Documentation we will also be asking for, once registration is done is:


  • Individual registration document with parents or legal guardians authorisation
  • Photo permission
  • Medical declarations for all participant
  • Documentation showing you have the correct qualifications to lead a group abroad/on camp.
  • Photocopy of ID
  • Photocopy of European Health Card (EHIC)


If a participant needs to take medication during the camp, who will be in charge of this?

Each group,via their leaders, will be in charge of the medication for under 18s. There will be medical personnel present throughout the camp that are available for any medical assistance you may need, however, any medication that maybe needed throughout the camp, should be prescribed by their normal doctor before attending the camp.


Special diets. How will they be managed?

Jamscout will be responsible for relaying any information concerning special diets, to the company responsible for the catering at the event. This information will be obtained via the medical declarations filled in during the registration period. We will inform all groups of the process of obtaining the special diets, however, we remind you that leaders whom have children with special diets, should be aware at meal times, that they are being given the correct food.


Will there be a Scout shop? Official shops will be there? Can groups set up their own shops?

Currently, the only shop permitted onsite will be the official Scouts MSC store.

If your doubt doesn’t appear here, feel free to email us your question to and we will be in contact with you.